Prospect League partners with NOCAP Sports

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NOCAP Sports, a leading athlete marketing technology and services company, has announced a partnership with the Prospect League, a top summer collegiate baseball league consisting of 17 teams across Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee and Pennsylvania. 

As part of this partnership, NOCAP Sports will provide the Prospect League’s players with access to its name, image and likeness (NIL) marketplace platform and deal sourcing team. NOCAP will also work with their league and team sponsors to package in Prospect League athlete activations in correlation with their existing sponsorships. Brands will have direct access to athletes in the league and will have a wide range of ways they can work with those athletes including social media, appearances, co-branded merchandise, and more.

“We are excited to be working with the Prospect League to help them bring NIL opportunities to their athletes through our extensive brand network and their already existing team and league sponsors,” said Nicholas Lord, Co-Founder and CEO of NOCAP Sports. “It is great to see leagues like the Prospect League investing into NIL resources for their athletes to help them grow their off the field presence.”

By working with NOCAP Sports, Prospect League players can connect with brands that align with their values and interests, creating mutually beneficial partnerships while managing everything in one place. Further, NOCAP’s team will be supporting brands and businesses to ensure that the partnerships they are making with athletes are both creative and impactful, giving them the highest possible return on investment.

“Having NOCAP Sports guide our league and teams in navigating the complexities of NIL is a tremendous step,” said Prospect League Commissioner David Brauer. “Our participating student-athletes will be well-served from NIL education and opportunities that work in symmetry with their school’s regulations. As an arm of college baseball, it is important for the Prospect League to be attentive and adaptive to the evolution of college athletics.”

This partnership between NOCAP Sports and the Prospect League marks a significant milestone in the growing landscape of NIL opportunities for collegiate athletes. NIL is becoming a key component of these athletes lives and it is important that leagues like the Prospect League have the resources in place to allow athletes to successfully and compliantly capitalize on the opportunity.

About NOCAP Sports

NOCAP Sports is a leading athlete marketing technology and services company disrupting the future of sports marketing and capitalizing on recent changes allowing college athletes to monetize their name, image and likeness (NIL). NOCAP’s technology enables brands and agencies to build, organize, measure and scale athlete marketing campaigns at the local, regional and national level in one seamless platform. For more, visit

About The Prospect League

The Prospect League is a premier Midwestern wood-bat collegiate summer baseball league with 17 teams across Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee and Pennsylvania. The League provides college players a professional setting with excellent competition and high-quality facilities while delivering exciting baseball action and affordable all-ages entertainment to its communities. Known as the Central Illinois Collegiate League from 1963-2008, the Prospect League has a proud tradition as one of the original and most recognizable summer leagues. The League’s rich history includes Hall of Famers and NCAA Champions, nearly 200 alumni in Major League Baseball, and more than 800 professional players. For more, visit

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