Athlete Marketing

Managing talent activations is not easy – whether your marketing plan includes 1 or 1,000 athletes, we know the tasks required can seem overwhelming. But with NOCAP’s Managed Service offering, all important responsibilities associated with your campaign are managed by our experienced team.

You want your athlete marketing campaign to succeed, and so do we.

We specialize in providing the following services for our brand partners.

Campaign Design

& Strategy

Our strategy & business development teams utilize data & experience to help you develop programs focused on your KPIs

Bespoke Athlete Recruitment

We methodically curate the ideal list of athlete candidates for your approval, & handle all negotiations  and contracts on your behalf

Athlete Briefing &

Content Coaching

Your dedicated team creates custom athlete briefing playbooks for your campaign, & coaches athletes through every step

Event & Talent Management

If your campaign involves an in-person event, our teams assist in aligning resources & managing all talent-related responsibilities

Once content is published, we amplify top-performing content among targeted fan audiences to accelerate performance


Post-campaign, NOCAP provides detailed reporting customized to your campaign’s components, goals & KPIs

Content Amplification

Great Content

Doesn't Just Happen

For NOCAP managed service campaigns, it’s the result of hands-on content coaching, intuitive briefs & instructions, and multiple quality assurance steps in our process 


Maximize the efficiency

of your campaign

Utilize NOCAP’s content amplification capabilities to reach more targeted fans, increase engagement, and create far more efficient investments vs. relying on organic performance alone


Quantify the impact

of your campaign

Post-campaign, our team will compile all topline awareness and engagement metrics, as well as any additional KPI-focused performance measures unique to your business. Your custom wrap report is delivered alongside helpful insights to continuously improve your investments in athlete marketing. 

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