What is name, image and likeness? (NIL)

Name, image and/or likeness (“NIL”) are the three components of a person’s “right of publicity.” These are independent or collectively identifiable aspects of a person that make them unique, including but not limited to, their name, image, likeness, nickname, signature, social media account, any symbol, name, or design that readily identifies them or any combination thereof.

What is NOCAP Sports?

A platform that connects athletes with NIL-related opportunities. NOCAP’s software enables an athlete to discover, engage, negotiate, and complete NIL deals in one singular location.

What types of athletes are on NOCAP?

All types! We allow athletes at every level and every sport to join our platform and take part in monetizing their NIL. We believe every athlete has value and has the power to monetize that value.

What does NOCAP Sports do for athletes?

NOCAP provides athletes with an easy-to-use platform to discover and close endorsement deals with sponsors of all sizes. The platform also provides athletes with advanced social media analytics on all major platforms, personalized media kits, education resources and more.

What does NOCAP Sports do for brands?

NOCAP allows brands of all sizes to discover and work with a diverse group of athletes in a variety of ways including, but not limited to, social media, appearances, autograph signings, personalized content, rights requests and more.

What aspects of a deal does NOCAP cover?

Everything. NOCAP provides tools for discovery, deal proposal or posting, negotiation, contracts, work completion, payments and compliance disclosure.

What does NOCAP Sports do for Universities?

NOCAP provides Universities with a free portal to track and monitor their athletes' NIL deals. The portal also aggregates all NIL data for Universities, provides a marketplace and includes a free education portal.

What is NOCAP’s fee structure?

NOCAP takes a 15% fee from the brand side of every deal. Athlete’s keep 100% of their deal. There are additional services that brands can add on to their deals with athletes including recruitment, creative direction, paid media and more.