The missing piece for NIL Collectives

For most Universities & their Collectives, eliciting & distributing fan donations is the priority. But how much larger – and more sustainable – is athletes’ earning opportunity if local, regional & national advertisers are given the same level of attention?

We have the blueprint for maximizing athletes’ NIL earnings

All Universities & Collectives desire more NIL deals for their athletes, but few have the expertise, experience or resources to successfully implement NIL sales operations. For our Collective partners we’re bringing these resources & serving as their official NIL strategy, sales & execution partner.

Top-Funnel Lead Generation

Targeted demand generation & marketing efforts to drive new, qualified advertiser leads into your pipeline

Lead Qualification & Distribution

A sophisticated process for assessing lead quality/fit, and a defined system for assigning each lead’s next step

Engagement, Consultation & Sales

A local, well-trained, knowledgeable sales team capable of evaluating advertiser needs & providing solutions

Best-in-Class Marketplace Tech

A self-service marketplace where advertisers not preferring a sales-led approach can access athletes

Client & Campaign Management

Client Success professional(s) to guide advertiser clients through the execution of successful athlete collaborations

Athlete Relations Support

A myriad of helpful resources to assist student-athletes in their NIL collaborations & overall NIL monetization

Working with the NOCAP Sports was a no-brainer. Their leadership, infrastructure, creativity, and passion to help student-athletes is amazing. We are already seeing fantastic results in a short period of time.
Jeremy Smith
Operations Director at Garnet Trust (South Carolina)


Why is this an important addition to your Collective?

NIL is here to stay, as are Collectives who power much of their respective universities’ NIL capabilities. But a reliance on fan donations alone is unlikely to fulfill your Collective’s goals of sustained growth. Understanding the necessity for – and path towards – new revenue streams is the next step in accelerating your Collective into the future of NIL.

Why is NOCAP Sports the right partner for you?

We’re already
doing this

We work with thousands of national brands & local businesses to arrange successful athlete collaborations. Our ability to deliver brand- & athlete-safe activations at scale are unmatched in the NIL industry.

If we don’t perform,
we don’t earn

We don’t take a fixed or variable percentage of your donation fund, or a cut of athletes’ deal earnings. Our fees are paid by the advertisers partnering with your athletes – so if we’re not bringing athletes opportunities, we earn nothing.

We know
this business.

Beyond NIL experience, our backgrounds are in influencer marketing, brand marketing, ad tech, & many other directly adjacent industries. Eliciting & effectively managing advertiser investments is what we know best.


What’s in it for
the advertisers?

Advertisers of all types and sizes – from local businesses to large, national brands – take advantage of NOCAP’s services, experience, flexibility & transparency. We understand their importance to the NIL ecosystem & devote ourselves to helping them solve challenges and meet their goals every day.

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